About BC Weed Seeds Canada

BC Weed Seeds Canada was founded in 2013 by an old school Vancouver Island breeder. He was born on the Island even though his Parents were from the East Coast.

Passion for cannabis started at a young age

His sole hobby and passion since his 14th birthday has been cannabis. On his fourteenth birthday his father shared a joint with him from some local North Pender Island strain. As soon as his eyes glazed over red, he didn't want to live another day without smoking native Canadian strains. So he dedicated his live to learning everything imaginable about cannabis and how to grow it in Canada.

Growing pot in every Canadian climate

He Island hopped a lot and eventually lived in every province in Canada for a least one grow season. Quebec and the Territories were challenging with many failures, but he was persistent. Now he has the best collection of Canadian marijuana genetics that's grows in each province.

Hippie Parent

His mom was an intellectual, and missed her teaching career back in Niagara Falls. His father was a hippy from New York City who packed up everything with his new Canadian bride. They drove in an old station wagon and moved West to Nanaimo, BC back in 1963. A couple years later, they had a son.

Grew up in a house full of weed

His father smoked weed everyday. One of the main reasons they packed up West was because the weed in New York was the best from Vancouver Island. He wanted to be where the action was and he wanted the best Canadian weed genetics.

The best place to be a marijuana breeder

The Island was a great place for cannabis seed breeders. Everyone helped everyone and freely shared their knowledge with each other. Today it's not as laid back, but it's still better than the East Coast.

BC Weed Seeds Life Mission

BC Weed Seeds Canada's goal is to bring back that sense of community, helping each other and sharing high quality cannabis genetics with everyone around the world.

Best Canadian Seed Shop

So be sure to visit our seed shop for the best Canadian genetics. We want everyone to experience what real Canadian weed is like. It's such a high standard compared to the American cannabis genetics.

Canadian Craft Bud is far superior weed

When you're only thinking about profits, you leave out the best cannabis genetics in the world. Much of the best weed is Canadian sativa. It may not be as profitable, but your smoking real craft weed. When is the last time you compared a corporate high production beer to a local crafted beer? There is no comparison in quality whatsoever. So please stop smoking corporate weed and start growing the best craft bud in the world.