Question: Why are seeds from British Columbia the best?

ANSWER: British Columbia have the best cannabis seeds for many reasons. One reason is because the Vancouver Islands has the ebst climate in the world for seed production. Because of the heavy rains, it's actually better to grow marijuana here for it's seeds and not for its buds.

Another reason is because there is a lot of wild landrace strains here. That's why many breeders gathered here a very long time ago. Because everyone on the islands have cannabis seed breeding in their DNA for many generations, they have the experience and blood to breed the best weed seeds in the world.

Question: How long does shipping take?

ANSWER: Our shipping times are normally the same day as long as your order is placed before it gets too late for the shipping cut-off time. This cut-off time is normally before 4pm. We can only prepare your shipment during holidays as the postal services are closed. But they will be ready to ship first thing in the morning, the next business day.

Question: Do you use stealth shipping?

ANSWER: Stealth shipping is not always needed, but it can offer you peace of mind. We have perfected our stealth shipping method so you will get your orders on time with no delay. If you are ordering from Australia or Japan, you must use our perfected stealth shipping method to guarantee your orders arriving on time.